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Article no: TG01
  1. Type: Bear Glass
  2. Volume: 34 cl
  3. Height: 13.5cm
  4. Diameter:  7.7cm
  5. 100% glass.
  6. Durability: 6 times than the normal glass
  1. Cost savings; reduces costs up   to 60%
  2. Are highly durable; last up to 6 times longer than normal glasses
  3. Creates a safer working environment
  4. 100% glass
  5. Dish washer friendly: withstands temperatures  of up to 120 degrees centigrade
  6. Stackable glasses: Saves space
  7. Customized company logos.
  8. Easy to stack, does not stick together.

The glasses are securely packed
The inner box contains 12 glasses
The outer box contains 48 glasses

Measurements ( outer box): LxWxD
45*30*30 cm

Net weight: 14,5 kg
Gross weight: 16 kg


In 2006, after a year of research and development, Anovita BV has developed the perfect drinking glass which fulfils the requirement and wishes of Royal horeca association in the Netherlands.

By changing the combination of the production process we have created glasses that are stronger and safer. Therefore, using these highly durable glasses is very cost effective.

Manufacturing process

The production process of Anovita’s glass is unique in the world. We have the sole patent of manufacturing this special kind of glass, that makes our product to stand out.

By changing the temperature of the ovens and the cooling periods we can manufacture this kind of glass.

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