Digital Playcards Total new marketing Concept !

A totally new, cutting edge, digital, sales promotion and direct marketing tool to increase sales and build brand awareness, giving you the power of big budget promotions.
The Playcards are an "instant win" competition pocket games the size of a credit card. Designed to drive footfall or online traffic to your sales points or website, creating frequent and loyal consumers.

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Safer and stronger drinking glasses:


Regarding these facts several years ago Anovita BV has started the development of this sort of glass

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Travelling and working? Forgot to bring a connection cable with you?
USB6PACK  is  the solution! Easy and compact for almost all your connections!

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Porcelain coffee cups

Best suitable for the catering industry, hotels, casinos, hospitals, etc. Available in tempered and non-tempered at very competitive prices.

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Some facts about glasses
The production process of Anovita’s glass is unique in the world. We have the sole patent of manufacturing this special kind of glass, that makes our product to stand out.

By changing the temperature of the ovens and the cooling periods we can manufacture this kind of glass.

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Some Facts about USB6PACK
European countries are obligated to have ROHS certificate for their computer products.

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