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We offer a wide range of game formats and designs for multiple applications. They can be linked to a huge range of rewards, up to your budget or imagination.

Your Playcard is totally flexible in design and programming. Your game will be linked to your marketing and revenue objectives, customized to your brand and with your choice of play style.

Digital playcards Chelsea

Website Promotion

Our Playcard® is the most powerful web site driver on the planet. Just get the cards into the hands of your potential customers and tell them that by logging on to your website they have the chance to win a prize. Once they log in and register they will see a number, which they can try to match with their Playcard®. The possibilities are endless, you can change numbers every day or you can decide what level of prize you want to give and on which day. They will come back time and again!
Sales promotion

Stick a card on the side of a box of cornflakes or a six-pack of beer and watch those items fly of the shelves. Opening a new store – hand them out on the street and link them to an in-store competition. Then stand clear of the stampede.
Digital playcard PSV

Direct marketing / mail shots

When all your other promotions have not succeeded, try sending your customers an electronic, interactive, multiplay, Playcard® and get ready to hire more staff. It’s the ideal shape and weight (under 23 grams) for mailing. Even a losing card has a code for phone or SMS text reply!

Digital Playcards Lotto

Lotteries, casinos & bingo

Are your customers telling you that they have had it up to the back teeth with your paper tickets and messy scratch cards? Are you losing customers faster than finding new ones? Then go electronic! Go digital! Go interactive! Go multiplay! Go repeat play! Go multi-prize level! Go prize-control ©! Go Playcard! Boost your bottom line.
Digital Playcards Descrition

A totally new, cutting edge, digital, sales promotion and direct marketing tool to increase sales and build brand awareness, giving you the power of big budget promotions.

Bacarat card

Digi Playcards are an "instant win" competition pocket games the size of a credit card. Designed to drive footfall or online traffic to your sales points or website, creating frequent and loyal consumers.

Bacarat card

Digi "extended play" Playcards offer a wide range of game formats and designs for multiple applications. They can be linked to a huge range of rewards, up toyour budget or imagination


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